ZBG’s investments are making lives better by assisting in more efficient food production, developing technology that improves people’s quality of life and helping people to live where they want.


The agriculture division of ZBG was subsumed under Zweegers Equipment Group, founded by Frank Zweegers and Gerrit van der Scheer. Zweegers Equipment Group wants to invest in companies in the equipment industry covering Agriculture, Turfcare, Construction and Industries in Europe, followed by increasing the geo footprint to North America.


ZBG and Breevast complete the sale of the Brussels Finance Tower for more than €1.2 billion to Korean investor Meritz Securities. It is the largest single asset deal ever completed in Belgium and represents over 18 years of extensive urban redevelopment of this iconic complex.


ZBG and Breevast’s Gallus, Frankfurt development project is sold to German developer Instone after more than 15 years of work. It is one of Germany's largest residential projects which will be redeveloped into more than 1,200 new homes.


ZBG shares its company vision and strategy with stakeholders through the launch of its website


Breevast and their partner Imobel sell the development RAC Belair in Brussels in different phases. The buyers are Hannover Leasing, Gingko Tree Investments, Real I.S. Smart and other Belgian investors. The total transaction value is approximately €500 million


ZBG acquires ZA Verzekeringen from Allianz Netherlands. It is sold to Delta Lloyd in 2013.


Breevast and American International Group (AIG) acquirs the MPC Münchmeyer Petesen Capital (MPC) portfolio for €1 billion by means of a CSFB partnership. Later financing comes from Lone Star in the form of a Private Equity partnership.


ZBG becomes the sole shareholder of Breevast


ZBG acquires one of the largest consumer finance companies in Belgium from KBC Bank with a €1.25 billion portfolio. The portfolio is divested in different stages and sold to KBC and other financial institutions. The last assets in the portfolio are sold in 2019.


ZBG acquires agricultural machinery distributor Mechan Groep


ZBG and Breevast jointly acquire the Finance Tower in Brussels from the Federal Belgium government


ZBG divests its interest in Del Monte Foods to the Italian food and beverage group Cirio which then acquirs control of South African food group. The transaction is led by ABN AMRO M&A advisory services.


ZBG acquires a cornerstone shareholding in electronic manufacturing services provider Neways


ZBG becomes a shareholder in real estate developer, investor and manager Breevast


ZBG is founded by Frank Zweegers after he began to take an interest in investing