About ZBG

ZBG invests in companies that aim to improve the quality of life. That is why ZBG invests in real estate development and investment, in equipment and in technology. Although these three sectors may seem completely different at first glance, they have one thing in common: the use of natural resources in the production process, resulting in a positive impact on the future.

How it started

ZBG was founded by Frank Zweegers in 1982 in order to invest in companies that help shape a better future. Not bound by conventions, Frank chose to invest in people rather than in business plans.
In more recent times, the portfolio has coalesced around three business areas: real estate development & investment, equipment and technology. With these ZBG aims to have a lasting positive effect on the future of this earth and the people on it.

Our team


Frank Zweegers

Frank is the founder of ZBG Group of Companies. He was born in the south of the Netherlands to a family of entrepreneurs with a strong track-record in the farming industry. His grandfather, Piet Zweegers Sr, founded his own company “PZ” in 1937, manufacturing a range of threshers and mills – advanced equipment for those times. Following this tradition, Piet’s four sons continued the family’s innovative track-record by inventing the cyclomower in 1964, an agricultural grass mower which is still in use today. An interest in agriculture and the urge to make a positive contribution to the production of value from the ground is truly in Frank’s blood.After high school, Frank Zweegers began to take an interest in investing. Not bound by convention or any preconceived sectoral bias, from his first investment onwards, Frank has always invested in people. He believes in fostering an ownership mindset in the executives of the entities within his portfolio and investing in the businesses to deliver sustainable value over an extremely long-time horizon, not only financially, but also in a material way.

Board of Directors

Alexander Villaverde

Alexander has been part of the management team of ZBG since 2013 and is responsible for Operations. Before joining ZBG, Alexander held sales, strategy and marketing positions in various industries including fashion, retail, technology and media. His broad background has provided him with a good understanding of the business dynamics of different sectors and informs his investing process. Alexander has significant experience in initiating and executing on- and off-market transactions including due diligence, debt and equity funding, legal frameworks, tax structures as well as governance and joint ventures with both private and listed companies. In addition to ZBG, Alexander holds a number of board positions for ZBG portfolio companies.

Gerrit van der Scheer

Gerrit is CEO of the Zweegers Equipment group since May 2022. Ambitious plans are afoot for a major expansion of the equipment portfolio in the agriculture, lawn & park, construction, and industry sectors in Europe and later in North America. From July 2022, Gerrit is also member of the Board of Directors of ZBG. He brings a wealth of experience which he gained in almost 23 years that Gerrit was involved with Royal Reesink. This has given him an unrivalled knowledge of the international equipment business, with a very extensive established network.

Henk Brouwer

After 10 years of work experience in a private equity company focused on real estate investments, Henk Brouwer joined Breevast in 1993 as CFO. In 2000, he became CEO of Breevast. Henk is a very experienced senior executive professional with over 35 years’ experience in real estate investments and developments. He gained in-depth knowledge and networks in European and U.S. private and institutional real estate and finance markets. Being experienced with both listed and private companies, Henk is used to create and implement haute investment and finance structures on and off market.

Supervisory Board

Joost van Heyningen Nanninga

Member of the Supervisory Board

Joost van Heyningen Nanninga has been on the ZBG board since 2009. He is a partner in Egon Zehnder International and additionally holds several other supervisory board and advisory committee positions. Joost van Heyningen Nanninga was educated at Erasmus University, Rotterdam and has an MBA from INSEAD.

Erik van de Merwe

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Erik van de Merwe has been on the ZBG board since October 2017. Erik van de Merwe has previously served on the Supervisory Boards of Rabobank and Achmea. He currently holds several other supervisory board and advisory committee positions. Erik van de Merwe was educated at the University of Tilburg.

Sipko Schat

Member of the Supervisory Board

Sipko Schat has been on the ZBG board since 2018. Previously, he was a member of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland and currently holds several other supervisory board and advisory committee positions. Sipko Schat received a Master of Laws degree from the University of Groningen.