We are shaping, creating and harvesting foundations for the future.

What we look for in our investments

Ambition to do good

Your business should serve a purpose greater than making money. Your business should at some level add to a brighter future for people. This can be an on individual level, but there should also be a benefit for society. Your product should be part of the solution of a societal problem.

Determination and commitment

Your team should consist of people that are highly committed to making your business a success. Frank Zweegers, founder of ZBG: "We only work with companies that can show a high level of professionalism, ambition and commitment within their teams."

Know your niche

What competitors are out there? What exactly are they doing? What are you doing differently? Why is that better? What did market research find your potential customers want and need and how are you responding to that better than your competition?

Sound business plan

Your company should have a sound business plan that makes all risks and opportunities clear, not only in words, but in numbers. What are the projected returns of our potential investment?

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