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Real estate and development

ZBG is building the future with Breevast. Breevast develops, realizes and manages high-quality sustainable real estate. The portfolio consists of residential, retail, industrial and office real estate, with a regional focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United States. 

Breevast develops real estate, but more importantly, they realize dreams by creating the ideal spaces for people, the end-users of their developments. One driver for their projects is the growth in popularity of urban living, especially in key international cities. The aim is to provide millennials access to the city lifestyle, which is an increasing challenge due to the shortage of quality housing in many markets.

Breevast believes in visualizing real estate conceptthat not only fulfil the needs of society but are also kind to the environment and visually attractive. In developing real estate, Breevast expressly considers their customers’ environment, business culture and specific wishes, as well as environmental sustainability. Breevast’s ideas go beyond conceptualising and building new propertiesthey often restore or repurpose existing ones.  

Breevast’s strategy is to use their vision, creativity and knowledge to take the right investment decisions, spreading risks by diversifying their portfolio across geographies and sectors and working together with financial partners.