Entrepreneurial DNA

About Frank Zweegers

Frank Zweegers is the founder of ZBG, and was born in the south of the Netherlands to a family of entrepreneurs with a strong track-record in the farming industry.

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After high school, Frank Zweegers began to take an interest in investing. Not bound by convention or any preconceived sectoral bias, from his first investment onwards, Frank has always invested in people. He believes in fostering an ownership mindset in the executives of the entities within his portfolio and investing in the businesses to deliver sustainable value over an extremely long-time horizon, not only financially, but also in a material way.

Frank Zweegers’ grandfather, Piet Zweegers Sr, founded his own company “PZ” in 1937, manufacturing a range of threshers and mills, advanced equipment for that day and age. Following this tradition, Piet’s four sons Piet Jr., Andre, Tony and Jan, continued the family’s innovative track-record by inventing the cyclomower in 1964, an agricultural grass mower which is still in use today. An interest in agriculture and the urge to make a positive contribution to the production of value from the ground is clearly in Frank’s blood.